Our Staff

Dr. Jessica Guy

Dr. Jessica Guy is a graduate of Life University who practices in the metro Atlanta area, she specializes in sports and performance chiropractic, functional movement, extremities, the care of children, families, prenatal, and postpartum women. She provides highly attentive and individualized care to keep you moving better, feeling better, and living better.

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Dr AJ Zavala

Dr. AJ Zavala is a former 4-year collegiate swimmer at UC, San Diego and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a sports medicine emphasis from Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS). He specializes in soft tissue therapies, rehabilitation and corrective exercises to allow patients to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. He moved from southern California to Marietta with his fiancé as she pursues her PhD at Georgia Tech. He enjoys weight lifting, CrossFit, golfing, gaming, and hanging out his 2 pups.

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Sports massage therapist

Shelley is a patient focused Licensed Massage Therapist with extensive knowledge in a variety of massage therapy treatments, including chronic and acute pain. Her specialty is in athletics. She understands the relationship between sports and performance, injury, injury prevention, and maintenance. She demonstrates a desire to improve function and wellness in her clients. Shelley exhibits courtesy, compassion, and respect towards her clients. She educates her clients on various massage techniques and treatments utilized for a deeper understanding.

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sports massage therapist

Jacob is a Licensed Massage Therapist and CF Level 2 coach. Jacob owns and operates Maximizing Movement Massage Therapy. He has been a licensed massage therapist for 4+ years. Jacob uses a variety of massage techniques to help restore flexibility, movement, and pliability to tight tissues in the body. When he is not working or at the gym, you can find him in the woods hunting, hiking, playing sports, or unwinding with a game of chess and a shot of espresso.

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Front desk

Nathalie joins the Vibrant Chiropractic team as a Georgia State University Alumna and former elementary educator. She and her husband co-own the Combine Elite Performance and Fitness  Crossfit gym in Mableton. Her two young children keep her very active; they often tag along in the office and gym. Nathalie very much believes that taking care of your body with regular maintenance and movement is the key to wellness. She will happily answer your questions and address your scheduling and practice needs and concerns. 

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Front Desk

Carol is Dr. Jess’ mom who works in the office on Friday. She is retired and enjoys spending some time at the office in between traveling, gardening, and spending time with her husband her dogs, and her granddaughter. She is here to help you with any scheduling needs and concerns with a smile!

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